People are so mean!!!

People can be so mean sometimes! I work hard on something and people just throw it away like it’s absolute crap! Yes I I’m talking about you! You are such a jerk! Ok peoples, so all of you know I’m a writer almost getting published. It doesn’t look like it on here because I don’t check everything a million times. Gotta have a break sometime, right?

Anyway, I’d worked really hard on an outline and had printed it out to re read everything for the millionth time, Just to be careful before I finalize everything. Well, I had it sitting with my stuff that people shouldn’t have been going through in the first place!

I had it sitting there and I thought I would be ok with him just going through it, reading it, writing on it and then throwing it away! When I realized it was gone I freaked out and did an interrogation session with everyone in the house. When I finally asked I if he had anything to do with it he said quote: “that thing? Oh, I threw it away. It was boring and I didn’t think anyone would miss it.” End quote.

Now, I like having people criticize my work; it shows me where to improve on and what to change. He could have just came to me and told me what he didn’t like about it so I could improve it. And maybe I wouldn’t have been too mad at him for going through my stuff, but he threw it away?! It really hurt my feelings!

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2 thoughts on “People are so mean!!!”

  1. Gosh, that sucks that that person did that to you!! You and your writing deserve somebody who’ll actually HELP you in your work!

    I hope everything goes well for you soon enough!

  2. Hey when you need to write use wattpad it’s where you can read other stories and write your own stories….

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