people psychically sexually harrassing me while I am on the computer and trying to break me down.

there were two girls as I came in to use the computer and this stuff keeps happening to me.  people from corporate enterprizes, familly dollar, state, and also in cheatem place appartments which are projects here in nashville,tn.  they have been broadcasting from their home, and it has been found out by the people.  channel 5 also knows about it as well.  these people to me are a disgrace to society, they are pathetic, and also useless.there have been people trying to psyically sexually harrass me in this library, they are also trying to psychically break me down.  I am trying to hold them off and they persist even at night.  I tried sleeping somewhere else but they found me and tryed to kill me with that stuff and I am currently having to report it to the police.  there is also someone else being affected by it.  a spanish guy and apparently someone is using some sort of machine or craft to do things to people.  I am the type that doesn’t say anything to people, and I stay off to myself.  I don’t say anything to people and I just mind my own business.  I need to do something about it.  god will help me and I was wondering what could be done about it.  I’ve already made a police report about it.  I hope things will be alright.  thank you.

2 thoughts on “people psychically sexually harrassing me while I am on the computer and trying to break me down.”

  1. I know how horrible it is to be sexually harassed by someone. I hope those people stop sexually harassing you and that everything will be all right for you soon enough.

  2. Dont take what they are saying! Dont let them get away with this! You let them go on and continue, and things will get waaaaayyyy worse. Trust me, I almost got raped at age six by a tenth grader. I know what im talking about. I let him get away with it, and now i am scarred for life. I should have told people earlier, but i was too scared. He tried, the only reason he didnt suceed is because i knew better. I got exposed too young, and i didnt to a dam thing about it. Dont wait around. Tell someone like NOW efor eit gets out of hand

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