faking death

Last week I faked my own death temporarily.I sent out a text saying I died in a car crash and that arrangements were being made.surprisingly my phone was blowing up! I say surprisingly because nobody in this world ever gave me the time of day.I would reach out to my so called friends n my wannabe family to just talk n say I need help.nobody would bite.nobody would answer the phone or texts from me ever.I talked about killing myself and my calls went unanswered.it probably was a dumb idea but I did it.I had people who I didnt hardly talk to calln my phone.than I deactavated my phone for 2 days making people even more anxious. When I turned it back on I tpld people I lost my phone so I dont know who sent that out until police came to my house n told me what happened because so many people were calling different precincts looking for me.witch they indeed did.after they knew I was alive nobody called my phone just like normal.nobody text or nothin.sad they only called when they thought I was dead.making me feel even worse.

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