Forest Spirits

I have broke the laws of nature and need to restore it. I did a spell that was for self gain and now to live with the dreams of the invisible force fighting and chasing me. I have tried a masturbation spell… now for tonight to see if I got rid of the forest spirits if not I will perform sex magic. I will continue to try and try until I figure out a solution for this. did  a healing spell on my boyfriend. some people have different ways to do healing spells . me, I just envision and white light going in circles until I feel a wave of energy come over me. well he is feeling well today and I have all of his signs that he had yesterday with not feeling well… forgot to throw the illness away. well I didn’t forget I just wanted to feel how he was feeling… I can pretty much tell he was feeling shitty but now that issue is I can’t heal myself.


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