My first entry…

So here it goes… I finally got around to starting some type of online diary/journal. I am doing it for several reasons. I am going through a rough patch in my life, that is lasting a lot longer than expected, and I need somewhere to vent without holding back. I have also noticed that my writing skills have been diminishing since I have been out of college. It never came particularly easy for me but I could usually produce a product that I was somewhat satisfied with. I am currently out of work (the source of most of my depression) and I hesitate when a job posting asks for a resume/cover letter. I cringe at the thought of trying to boast myself to a potential employer when I feel like I’m at rock bottom. I recently started casually exploring Buddhism and am trying to take the less “beaten path”, and hopefully getting myself back on track. So far today I have applied to 2 jobs that would be decent (I think I’ll take anything at this point) but I am stalling on applying to the position that I really want. Yep – it requires both a resume and a cover letter. So far, I’ve avoided  it by checking Facebook, replying to texts, making lunch, and starting a diary. No big deal, right? Except.. I first saw this posting like 2 years ago so I guess I’ve also stalled by finding myself a less demanding job that didn’t pay very well, had unpredictable hours, was extremely stressful yet boring, and had no security. This other place looks amazing. They have company picnics, benefits, reliable set hours, I’d gain experience to advance… If I could just get around to writing this damn cover letter and resume..

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