Why am I so fucked?

I hate saying I so much. Ironic since I’ve already referred to myself as soon as I started the journal. But I feel like I’m just a fucked person. How is it possible that the guy I dated for 3 years, who is far from good looking, who cheated on me twice, ends up finding a beautiful girlfriend and I’m stuck here alone?

But  I guess my only choice is to leave it to God.

2 thoughts on “Why am I so fucked?”

  1. I was with someone 15 years, never married with 1 daughter n we just had a new born son.he left us for another woman whom he had a baby with n is begging to b back with her, even marrying her.im still in love with him!..I understand! Now im trying to move on and u can to.trust me I know its hard and u just want to die most days.u just have to find a way not to let someone else control you.he must not have been right for u, like he wasnt right for me.keep ur head up, im saying the same thing to me:)

  2. Story of my life. Every guy I date finds the woman he ends up marrying right after he dates me…

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