20th to 24th August 2014

I am feeling emotionally and mentally abused by my so called husband Sebastian. We got married in March 2008 by arranged marriage and we have one daughter. He is always harassing me. He has purposely argued with my family so that he can isolate me from them and prevent me from seeing them. He is always throwing negative comments my way. I wish I could go back into the past and change things and have chose a guy that would have respected me and not bullied me.Sebastian is a bully and anyone that associates with him agrees. He bullies them and tortures them to do his chores to the point that
everyone has to distance themselves from him. Even his friends avoid him. He always try to financially use anyone he makes contact with. I really need a break and I hope God provides a solution for him to either move country or move jobs so that I can finally be free from the bullying.I hope God helps him find another wife soon so that he can bully someone and torture someone else ad their family instead. I am three months pregnant and last week Sebastian phoned/texted saying that he had a severe fever requiring an injection at work. To stop myself getting the fever, I stayed at my parent’s house for four days because I was also suffering from sever hyperemersis gravidarium and in response to that I got text message from Sebastian saying that he had doubts, just so he could start bullying through the mobile by text message. He never likes me enjoying anything and soon after the wedding he managed to stop me from participating in anything that I ever enjoyed. I pray for God to give me the courage to walk out of this relationship soon, even my daughter feels free and relaxed when he is not around as he is always shouting at her too. I am on sick leave from work until 1st September for severe morning sickness.

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