College Nightmare!!

College Nightmare as i have so many regrets and dont know what to do next.
Its about my teachers concern of my absences as here in the philippines absences counts. (WTF i know right? your presence is more important than your knowledge.)

I have alil problems with few teachers as i didnt attend and made few excuses for medical certificate for one week. But, actually i was sick and under medication for about 3 weeks and plus it was ramadan weeks. I was fasting.

I now have problem with my teacher in Humanities/Visual Arts. as she has warned me that i will be dropped for the following days if i will be absent again. but, then i passed a medical certificate to the department office me and my cousin was going to catch up with her so i can talk and its been already like 2 weeks doing it that she was not available.

Now days goes by and it was mid-term exams. When i know about midterm exams coming up i thank God that my classmate posted whats going to come for midterm on facebook. And there i studied but, then when i just came after along absent to the visual arts class. On wednesday august. Teacher told me that i have to go out and wait. But, then the student said our exam will be on next meeting this friday. So iam like ok thank God. and left.

Now next hours i have exam on life drawing. My cousin saw her in the end of the table with some of my classmates by the end of the college canteen. And according to my cousin she said that the teacher was probably expecting me to approach her and it seems like shes disappointed i was about to leave but, my cousin was like too late she noticed me. So whatever i continued walking pass by her. She was sitting alittle far.

On Friday the other day. I planned to attend at 9:30am bec, i havent taking RVE exam which was last wednesday but, then failed to take it but, (Elijah) Stephanie’s husband from (My first note i wrote) has gave me no choice but, to meet him the problem i have exam and i told him to meet up with him by 12pm but, then my cousin said we have to meet him up or they may think we are the one running away. So, we setted up the plan by 10am or 11am. but, then i was about to enter class supposed to be by 10:30am i was already late for 9:30class but,then bec, i was waiting for my cousin that she is so slow!! so that made me absent as it was 11am already. So i continued going to china town a place where elijah set the plan to meet. it was risky to meet him up at china town bec, we have no money at all plus i told him to meet me at sm by 12pm he doesnt want. so it was just like a plan for me to do it. plus my cousin said its ok we can borrow money if this didnt work out. but, fuck that.

as i arrived at 11am sharp it took him time to come and then he came by 12pm!! wtf right?? i should’ve went to school but, anyways i was late though. he came with his baby and it was honestly cute and innocent little angel. I was glad that he took initiative to come meet us and talked to me formally. He really did paid steph’s credit 1,200php. Then we were done. i just told him as my cousin told me to tell him to delete our numbers that’s it.

Later at lunch time when i was having lunch with my cousin in sm mcdonalds i was surprised to see that my teacher for next class in (Photography) called me and gave me a sign of ok. iam like what does he mean. but, then he said that the class will start by 2pm. i was like ok. i was glad bec, i thought i was late and i thought he would insult like “what the hell u doing? you have class by now” hehehe… bec, i know i was alil late if it was 1pm class. So when he walked away and left. later i have had to ask him about the requirments if i had to print out the entry form for the competition of photography bec, that would be our midterm exam. So we were hurrying up to catch up on him until he was surprised after i revealed that i havent known about that we should have a photocopy from the papers that he has given to us last friday 4pm. But, i remember that time i was about to leave bec, of stephanie decatoria for her. Then at the end of the day i lost grrr… so, the teacher obviously was alil disappointed and i was ashamed and i couldnt explain to him anything bec, i know iam wrong and that problem is plain personal. Until he gave me 2:30pm to finish everything, To take a photo and to picture 4 photos as my journey and my pledge. I had to borrow camera from the office. Plus we have to take my I.D as he said it is my rights to take my I.D bec, its like iam not a student. Well, my id was confiscated and they have lost it. That’s why i returning to get it as it is one of my requirements..

well, we dashed fast as we could to sm for a photo. and then went to the school for the i.d. Glad that they found it. But, i had to photocopy it and they even took my phone as a assurance that i will go back to return it. so wte. i photocopied it and returned it. and so, on went to take a camera canon while asking permission for the camera i was shocked to see the teacher from visual arts was around. i just made myself as if i was taking something out of my bag. then she went inside the room i was relieved but, then she went outside and i still pretended to look at something and write something. but, then my cousin said “Hi miss first” and according to my cousin that she smiled normally but, then looked at me!! and left. i even said “Hi mrs.” but, she was already leaving. and didnt looked at me really. well, after that we’re off to go to NGC to picture bacolod city building. So, it took us time to picture then as we were done. It was traffic and the jipney was stopping over alot and he drives really slow. its like we are unfortunate for that day. Until we arrived and took photo of a school and then good timing we asked in the office for the teacher and good thing the woman knows him and asked other students for him and it was right across the hall way at the work shop. So as we went thank God the teacher was there and it was fine he was still on checking and so for my last shot was me taking a photo of the class. as i was waiting i asked one of my classmate about the exams for visual arts i was alil terrified when he mentioned that they took the midterm exam and in that way i knew it 100% iam screwed!! its bec, of that elijah!!!! and guess what? it started 11am!!!! i should’ve went!! if only i knew elijah will arrive by 12pm i would have attended my exam!! Iam feeling the sense of regret!! 🙁 and the RVE exam was last wednesday!! well, ok. another one!! and plus i asked about our mechanical drawing class for the midterm exam i was surprised when he mentioned that they took it last tuesday!!! WHAT the HECK?? i thought the teacher said that we dont have exams on tuesday especially the majors!!! and plus to that subject i had also alot of absences. But, the difference my cousin made it clear with him face to face that i was sick. so maybe there’s a chance??? I even asked about the typography well the last time i attended the real teacher wasnt there but, there was this assitant of him and i gave her my last time work but, she didnt accept it. well, fuck that!! i have 2 assignments that i havent passed it till now and i dont know if they would ever accept it either!!! working hard for nothing.!!!

Later waiting for about 3 hours. It was nearly 7pm and when he checked my work. it was not that good but, only one pic that was good it was the NGC. the rest doesnt make sense. and i started to understand what he was trying to do.
He wanted us to take a photo that each photo represent your journey. well, what i did is that i made all photos as a stepping to of my journey. i didnt know he wants everything in one picture but, given 4 pictures for him to choose and send it to the competition thing. He was even asking me about the first photo of my cousin at the NGC that was standing for the car. Well, they were making fun of my work and they noticed i speak english and stuff.. and i was honestly alil embarrassed. But, wte atleast i did something. Hey! its just philippines who needs your presence not ur knowledge nor ur best work lol. Until we left and i was feeling tired. it was even hot that day.

My main problem is that i have absences from visual arts alot of times by almost 4 weeks in a row.Iam feeling the sense of regret and i dont know what to do exactly the only thing i got to have the guts that i have to explain it again and beg the teacher for letting me in again to her class and i can catch up with the last assignments plus this teacher is kind of strict and she seems to be secretly mad at me. and inmechanical drawing class i have to attend it too by this coming tuesday i have to tell him about that i havent really known about that there was classes last tuesday. maybe even he looked strict maybe he can let me in?? … and in typography he also looks strict but, as long as i gave my work on time maybe that would be ok with him. ?? i’ll acknowledge him that i did the last time plates so that he wouldnt think that iam not really attending. and in RVE class well that teacher is really kind. plus our next class will be next wednesday and by that time all i have to do as what she said that i would just do the rest of the assignment and pass it to her and maybe she will give me a midterm exam bec, whats worst is that i havent taken the prelim exam :S from her.

AHHHH!!! i know its my fault!!! but, I dont know what to do. i have to deal with this shits!!!!! I wish i havent left EGYPT! it was more easier even the subjects there is hard but, atleast iam used with it!!! iam still not used with the rules in here!!! :S

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