I don’t know what to say. I’m 17 years old girl and i am not very happy. I don’t have real friends. All my friends turned out to be hypocritical and they don’t care about me. I don’t know… When I told my ‘best friend’ then I’m sick, she told me I’m lying and she thinks that I wanted to feel pity for me. But I don’t. I just have support and hug from my best friends. Her words really hurt me…

Last 8 months everything in my life went wrong. I break up with boy I loved, my best friend was rude to me, my perents are constantly quarrel, and I’m sick.
My sick is not dangerous. I can not die, but my hair is falling. And I don’t have a lot of suport. I have just my mom, she is my best friend, and my friend Nikola. I talk to him almost every, but I still need best friend…
I don’t know… I am always smile, and when I am with people I pretend to be happy, and pretend I don’t care about everything. But at nigh, when I’m in bed, I’m cry, very often. And I’m feeling sad…

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  1. Hey Lena! How are you right now? Please breathe, you will get through this. I dont know if its possible to stay in contact but I would love to get to know you a bit better. I am so so sooo sorry that you have to go through all of that. You are really strong! Every day you are batteling through which is absolutely fantastic 🙂 Sending you all the love I have got, you deserve the best!!

  2. Thank you sooo much! Now I feel better. I mean everything you write! Thank you again 🙂

  3. Im sorry that ur any kind of sick.If u have just one person, its your mom.I grew up without a mom and a dad.I dont know what that feels like to have a mom that actually loves me unconditionally, u are so blessed with that.If thats all u had, I wish I was you, ur so lucky.Pour into her n tell her ur real feelings, n if she is what u described her has, than she will b nothing but thst love n comfort u need.

  4. Hello Lena my name is Tina and I am very sorry you are sick. And that your best friend was very rude. If she is that way now then she wont be a good friend when you do need her support. And you do not need any kind of friends like that. I know your a young lady and I am 42 years old. But I’d like to stay in touch and hope we can talk on here from time too time. Take care of yourself and know there are people out there who do and will care about you. Hope to hear from you soon. Hopefully your new friend Tina.

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