And the daily award for stupidest action goes to…

ME! Ha I didn’t think it was possible for this to even happen, but I made it happen. I was by myself today and was bored so I decided to walk to the pool and swim by myself. It probably wasn’t a good idea to walk because it was literally 100 degrees outside. Anyway, when I got down there I thought it would be a good idea to take my shoes off in the shade and casually walk across the steaming hot pavement to the ladder.

Oh, it gets stupider, trust me.

After burning the bottoms of my feet, I grabbed onto the metal ladder which was also burning hot! I tried to get into the water as fast as I could, but my foot slipped on the ladder and I fell into 3ft of water my knee getting twisted up in the ladder…yea. And I thought it would be a good idea to keep on swimming! What in the world?! Not to mention a stupid wasp was attacking me the entire time I was in the water.

It was 4 by the time I decided to get out and dry off. I almost slipped again getting out of the stupid pool! Was the worst of it over? NOPE! I realized that I had to walk uphill for about 10 minutes until I got back to our house. I wrapped my swollen knee up and spent the rest of the day on the couch watching crappy shows and sleeping.

When everyone got back, I told them what happened and IX started laughing at me! Ok…I guess I deserve to be laughed at for being that stupid.

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