(BAD SERVICE) M.Lhuillier Downtown Bacolod City.

August 27,14

I.D not Valid, due to i gave my I.D for imp. issues. then asked for my study load from school so, i went to get it from home. At the end of the day it cant be!!! The heck?? and the other guy working wanted to check the rest of my other study load for assurance? OK i’ll show it to you all!!! pfff do u think i have time to make it all fake?? The name is Still me!! and the Control number is CORRECT and my student I.D no. is there!! Then told me to take my real I.D, Its a f***king holiday if u dont believe why dont you just see it yourself? then, u answer me “its not holiday its wednesday” yeah right u smart*ss!! its wednesday!! ur a catholic the cathedral is right in front of you, you dont know ur holiday f**ktard? just bec, its a first time for a customer (student) in your little small bank to recieve big amount of money made you underestimate me? pff iam the one who is supposed to be worried bec, ur bank title in TV gives bad news. and then when i said its stupid and making me tried of nothing. he answered me “its not stupid?” excuse me? is this how you talk to customers?? NO it is STUPID!! if my study load is not going to work, then you tell your co-worker that she should not tell me to bring my study load!!
Discipline your Workers not your customers u dumb-**s!! Making a scene for your useless presence!!

People here has the worlds most poorest customer service i swear to God!!

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