My Tuesday diary

Time went by very fast today at work. This usually happens when I really concentrate on the project. The project I had today was very exciting for me to work on but at the same time it was a really pain in the ass. I tried so many different way to make things work along with crazy amount of research but I couldn’t get it to work properly. I felt like I’m so close to make it work but just couldn’t find the way to do it. It’s not done yet. I’m getting back to it tmw!!

Beside that, it was very typical day. work and work out on my lunch break. got off at 6pm and picked up John at his work since it’s on my way to home then we had quick dinner at BWW. Back home took a shower and trying to see what to do for rest of night. I got one on going freelance project to work on and the things that I always to everyday.

Sharing the picture from last Sunday at Belmont harbor. Marina took an amazing pic of me and I love this picture cause I look so professional which I’m not 🙂 It’s 9:44PM on Tuesday night and I think I have to go get some other things done before I go to sleep.

Have a goodnight everyone!

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