We met at a bar on Sunday afternoon at the beginning of an Arizona Winter. I had already had more than my fair share of champagne when I stumbled back from the little girls room only to find you sitting at the barstool next to mine. I had forgotten Taylor drunkenly phoned you proclaiming that she had a “cute” friend for you to meet, let alone remembering that I was said friend. I was a mess yet you chose to stay. You politely ordered a beer as I pathetically fumbled with the cigarette and matches I had just bought from the bathroom attendandt. As I babbled on and on about the most indiscriminate things, you patiently listened to my pointless chatter.

    Later, at the next bar we found out you knew my brother and more than that, you were you were friends. A few drinks later with the evening looming, we all decided it was time for the afternoon to come to a close. Taylor and I agreed to go back with you and your roommate. You drove. Apparently you only had a couple beers over the course of the few hours we had all spent together. The rest of us were on another level completely.

    After arriving at your house the four of us watched TV and scarfed down the fast food we got on the way back. I remember sitting on the reclining chair when you reached out for my hand from where you were sitting on the couch. We continued to watch some trashy TV show and drunkenly gushed on for a while until we decided to go to bed. It was Sunday night after all, and we all had to be at work the next morning.

    Your alarm went off and it was the loudest sound I had ever heard. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet but I felt my head pounding. As I sat up I began piecing it all back together. I realized I wasn’t at home and it was morning, Monday morning. Then it all came rushing back, but I had to get to work. You were surprisingly spritely but it wasn’t until later that I would recall how much less you had to drink.

    I quickly found my way back into my clothes that were littered across your bedroom floor and immediately began calling and searching for Taylor. Falling out of your roommate’s door, she saw the dumbstuck look that plagued my face and she took over. We gathered ourselves as best we could and headed for the door. You grabbed me and went in for a kiss, something I was trying desperately to avoid. But you kissed me anyways and said you’d call as I walked out the door. Did I give you my number? Did I even want you to call?

    You called. About 2 weeks later, we met each other’s families and the islands that were You and I became Us. We are now just short of 9 months since that night and it’s been the time of my life. Just to be clear, 9 months is not euphemism for an expectant child. It is simply where we are at, 9 months and in love. I can’t imagine my life without you and I never want to. You are my one and only. I’ve found my home, and you are it. 


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