10 Most Random Things About Me

1. I’m not afraid of people. I’m just uncomfortable with strangers. I’m an introvert not a sociophobic. I prefer the company of people I trust.

2. People’s first impression of me is either a snob or has cold shoulders. But I seriously just don’t know how to start a conversation. Small talk with a new face is also uncomfortable for me.

3. I started traveling alone to conquer my timidity. Then whenever I need to sort something in my head, I travel alone.

4. A random good morning/goodnight/how are you makes me smile whether we’ve known each other for years or we just met an hour ago. I love the most spontaneous act of thoughtfulness or kindness.

5. I grew up surrounded with both boys and girls. You can say i’m spoiled. They pamper me. Probably because I used to be an only child for 9 years. Plus, i look so innocent when we were young.

6. If you know Rapunzel, that’s basically the story of my life. I grew up with my grandma. Dragon-lady, very traditional, overprotective. I never experienced playing outside with other kids because I’m not allowed to go out.

7. I got lots of boy buds so getting gifts (even the weirdest ones) out of friendship is normal for me. Sweet gestures and thoughtful messages are also normal. I wouldn’t think of anything unless otherwise stated.

8. Listening is more suitable for me than talking. I can confidently say i’m good at it. Though I could also ask a hundred questions a day. So beware.

9. I really appreciate it when people take time to get to know me for who I am rather than just assuming things from what they see and hear.

10. I moved to Baguio when I was 16 because I saw it as an opportunity to “runaway” and be independent. Little did I know, it’s where I’ll meet the love of my life. Just before my 17th birthday, I surrendered my life to God and it has never been the same.

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