Aj songs sunrahi thi playlist say and came across tere hokar rahaingay dil zid pay arra hai, it was the first song Seebu sent me😍 Β Kabhi socha Nahi tha Kay aisay he songs exchange karnay ka silsala chalta rahay ga, he’s too shweeeet mera shweeeeeto. Feels so nice to have him there to share my fears my highs my lows. He’s always there for me but my fears will be there always,I will hav to depart one day don’t know how long I have. Just hope he will cope I guess woh be mere say utnay he attached hain jitni mein.mere to ankh band hojayegi can’t imagine how I would have to live without him,loosing someone is the hardest thing I can’t go through it again,I hope mein marjaon yeh feel karnay say pehlay.

i love the way he says mein hoon na ,mein hamesha saath doonga just love it😍😘

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  1. jaani mein abhi b hoon r usi tarha hoon aap k intzaar mein jee raha hoon.
    sab veeran ho chuka hai. jaldi ajao wapis yaar.

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