2nd Entry For Today

Hey there. It is 1:54 pm here and hubby and I got off to a late start. He is starting to clean off the computer desk and the entertament center so he can tare up the rest of the carpet so we can put down all new flooring. we have a crazy sence of humor with each other. And it is all in good fun. My husband’s name is Rick. Oh I forgot to say in my first entry that I am a country music fan Love love Vince Gill. And I love HBO show True Blood too bad it has gone off now. I have up to season 5 still need the last 2 seasons. Even rick watches it with me when he is not busy doing something else. Well in 5 days we will be start the fostering/adoption classes. I hope it goes fast. I also found a unused binder ¬†with paper in it so I will use that for class and the new one for Scrap Booking. I am going to start doing that starting this year. It’s kind of new to me I’ve tried to do it a few times in the past but lost intrest. But I am hoping now we will have a daughter she will also help work on our family scrap book. Are there any fellow scrapbook lovers here? would love to hear from you and about some of the S/B’s you’ve done. As I’ve said we have pets. we have 4 dogs 3 older dogs and one young dog. Their names are Cassie,spot,Cinnamon and Peanut. I’ll add pics of all of them when I can and of rick also lol. Well I’m going to end here for now. Might write more later. Tina.

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