I would love to meet the person responsible

I would love to meet the person responsible shake his hand because it was a really good ones the so what is happening at area 51 it still employs thousands of people even though the last known aircraft tested their tacit blue was green lit in 1976 Nuforia Advanced Skin Care so we have 25-30 way home black programs hundreds billions of dollars that we know nothing about the Horton age 9 stuff the F one seventeen the B-two the US military has successfully hidden its top secret project you including any evidence a flying saucer but what about other countries other sightings is there an explanation for the incredible UFO reports outside the United States by an explanation that may also leave to Nazi engineers evolve the conspiracy surrounding Nazify the most controversy is the idea that some Nazis sp the fall in Germany along with advanced saucer prototypes evidence clearly shows that a number of prominent SS officers did escape the allies and went underground and extreme southern Latin America particularlyargentina Uruguay Paraguay y there are to this day huge German reservations one man whomever surfaced again was general Hans commoner the head of Germany’s World War two secret weapons program if anyone knew the truth about saucer technology…


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