“What if I thought I found my Romeo but I’m not his Juliet?”


I know that what has been going on is stupid. Because honestly it’s nothing but a guy being sweet to me for once.

But I fell hard.

And no matter how I tried to block it out, he triggers me.

I thought I’d have heart palpitations when he answered me before.

Turns out it only turned in one of the most memorable conversations I could wish for.

And it was with him.

Which saddens me a lot right now, because we’re not meant to be.

I don’t want to like him that way. I wish we could just be friends but somehow half of me doesn’t want to agree with that.

He’s what I dream of but that’s just all. He’s based on my fantasy, my lies, my thoughts and ideas. I find him fantastic and he probably is a wonderful kid but I’m not.

And I shouldn’t drag someone else into the trouble that is me.

But I want so badly for him to stand next to me and hold me, simply be with me instead of forgetting me every 5 minutes or get annoyed with me. I mean, I don’t blame him, I’m the despicable type and I know a guy like him deserves so much better. I don’t even want to love him like I do!

But sadly enough it hurts with or without him.

Sorry Jacob x

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