I let you come back only for you to abuse me
You didn’t get what you wanted so now you are leaving

Shows what kind of a person you are deep inside
I struggle everyday suffering having to hide

I am glad that you are going I should’ve never let you come back
I left the person I loved so much, now my heart is black

You destroyed everything only to manipulate me and abuse me
Mentally, physically, emotionally, but you didn’t get to use me

Now I’m going to struggle to do this all on my own
How I am even going to do it I don’t even know

I could’ve had everything I wanted the person I wanted but its ruined now
You and all those other people wanted to ruin it, all I can say is wow.

You got what you wanted you were angry I loved someone else more than you
So you came back just to fuck everything up, I should’ve known it’s what you’d do.

Thanks for coming and fucking everything up for me I’ll be lucky to survive this
I’m sure you’re pissed I wouldn’t let you touch me wouldn’t even let you kiss

But I haven’t wanted you in a long time I was happier with him
You helped fuck all of that up, but my heart you will never win.

So leave me all alone to try and suffer and survive this
I don’t know how I will do it, but you won’t be something I will miss.

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