Just Some Thoughts I Have

Good evening. I have some thoughts I’d like too put out. I am so deep in thought I am not sure where to start. I think I’ll start with this. I have lots of good friends in my life. all of them do not live close by so its not like I can call them up and say lets hang out. I have one friend in Fla and another in Cananda and one in Cal and the rest of them live up North NJ/PA. Love them all very much. Then I have a male friend. Yes I do have guys as friends (LOL) Anyway my friend has been in my life going on 5 years now. He was there for me when my father passed away and I for him because his dad passed before mine. do not start thinking dirty minded because it never has or will be that way with him and I. And I did see him while I was up North but this trip was so off course with him I just did not feel comfortable with him. And every time he smiled he reminded me of a used car salesmen. I just can not figure out why I felt that way? We are good friends and I never felt uncomfortable with him till this trip. Now that I’m home and settling back in I miss him and miss talking too him and all my friends even though we talk on F/B except him. It’s not the same as being face too face. Maybe I’m over reacting? I mean it was a stressful trip and had loads of drama witch I’m not getting into at this time. Down the road I may just not right now. And incase your wondering. Yes Rick knew all about my guy friend I am talking about in this entry. I’m not sure if I should tell my friend how I felt or just let it go? I’m not wanting to hurt his feelings just thinking I’m making too much out of a very stressful time. Thanks so much for taking time to read this entry. And I’m going to go because my butt hurts and I keep letting my coffee get cold after rick just bought it too me lol. Night night everyone….Tina

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