training bras

When my last girlfriend carol found out that I enjoyed wearing little girl bra and panties she went out and bought me a set of Minnie mouse panties and bra.

For the next two days she forced me to wear them under my clothes with the threat that if didn’t she would send pictures of me dressed in bra and panties to my daughter!!

I wore them as told and she humiliated by degrading me about wanting to wear them and other women’s things,by the second day I was begging her to let me strip and fuck her. She told me I was no longer allowed to have sex with her naked that I had to be wearing bra and panties or a nitie before she would let me touch her !!! So I put on the Minnie mOuse things and started to please her by eating her out she started calling me a sissy and saying I needed a girls name . as I mounted her from behind she started calling me Amanda and to fuck her harder !! As I tried to bust my but she kept making me tell her my name was Amanda and I was a little girl , she got up and stood there telling me to finish myself off by stroking my worthless cock!

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