Here I am again.  A journal.  Lets see how long I last this time, heh.

I’m about to turn 34 this month.  I’m unhealthy, and overweight, which is the root of my unhealthiness.

Why not just lose it?  One would ask, but it ain’t that simple.  Nope, it just is not.

I have tried many times, albeit I was only really, really serious once, but I did try.

I gave up because I’m impatient.  In my ridiculous mind, if I don’t lose a lost all at once, then my methods aren’t working; therefore, they are not worth continuing.

Then I cheer myself up with junk food.  Wheeeee!

Yes, I’m an idiot.

However, I don’t like my health.  My A1C level went up drastically, which sucks because I’ve already partially lost my sight because of this.  Or was that due to my blood pressure?

Whichever, it’s bearing on me.  Yes, now that I have a physical handicap that hinders me, I want to get serious.

Humans are so stupid and fleeting, aren’t we?

Took a great damage and loss for me to care.

I picked up some veggies at the mart today and had a good salad with dinner.  It’s not that I don’t love eating vegetables, it’s that sometimes I can’t afford what’s really best for me, so I often have to fill up on starch.

I told my mother that my illnesses are too expensive for me to be poor :).

What to do, eh?  My poverty can’t be helped at the moment, but hopefully something good will come along soon.

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