Happy Sept First Everyone

Here it is September 1st. Kids are back in school and I’m sure lots of parents are very happy lol. I am pretty sure my daughter has started as well. I hope she has or had a really great first day? In 3 days Rick and I will be starting our class. I really wish it was not 10 weeks long. But it is what it is and just have to get them done. Oh we did start working on our scrapbook this morning worked on it till 3am. crazy wont be doing that tonight. Well I do not have anything more to put in it till after the pics are developed at walmart and get those corner picture holders. But I am so glad we have it started. I really can not wait for all three of us to work on this together. I know I keep saying that and I truly feel that way. I really miss her and wish she was here right now. Soon I know soon she will be here. well I just downloaded some family pics and I’ll see if I can share them on here. be back later till then. Tina

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