I have no friends. No real family that cares about me. I have 3 amazing children who I thought would always fill this void. A boyfriend who some days seems like he really lover me and other days it feels like he just sticks around. When we fight it feels like the world coming down. He says the most awful tjings. Then I have no one to turn to to cry to. To ask advice from. During or right after a fight . I feel so lonely. I feel like I wanna just run and hide in a corner and cry for days. I feel like I have no o e. I feel like all I need is a person to tell me I’m not all these awful thangs. My mind runs a 100 miles a min and I can’t stop it from turning me against myself.. i start to think I’m awful I’m a horrible person.. not by anything I’ve done cause I can’t think of what I did wrong.. that makes no since but it’s how I feel.. i m just so lonely.. i need someone .. n I have no one .. all I have are my kids n I have  to hid this from them. I hide be hide a smile and pretend I’m happy when really I wanna kick and scream n cry.

2 thoughts on “lonely”

  1. I am you, though I dont have a bf.I have no family no friend’s no one who truly cares for me.Im you.If u ever would like to talk,Id be there to listen.

  2. Why don’t you spend time doing the things you like, instead of looking for friends ?
    if you like video games, play them, if you like shopping, go shopping, if you like swimming, go swimming, if you like to run, run.
    If you want to cry and scream, go somwhere and let all your anger out.
    when you fulfill your small desires you will notice that your life is going to become better, and maybe your mind would be too busy enjoying doing it’s hobbies than caring about how lonely you are.
    who knows, you might even make friends who enjoy doing the same things.

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