Remember me,
not as the girl I used to be.
A lot has changed, you see?
Now I make sure you’re no longer a powerful bully.

Remember me,
not as a girl whose life seems problem-free.
My drama never has to be anyone’s prime-time show,
while you make sure that yours is for everyone to know.

Remember me,
even when I’ve never fit in your perfect (but) little world.
I’ve always been that little freak who gets on your nerves.
You still think you’re too good to care about my problems.

Remember me,
but you only do when you need something.
Well, what do you think?
Other than that, to you I’m almost nothing.

Remember me,
even as you forget how often you’ve made me cry.
Now I’m way too tired to lie.
I’ll just let you wonder why.

Remember me,
for I won’t always be your saviour.
You were never around to make me feel better.
Who has nominated you as the centre of this universe?

Remember me,
as I try to forget your lame attempts at emotional blackmail.
How come it’s my fault that you’ve failed?
Consider this my last bail.

Remember me,
as you’re no longer on top of your game.
What’s with the shame?
I’m not taking the blame.
After all, you’re the one who chose to take his last name.

Remember me,
single, free, and happy.
Why do I have to put up with your endless misery?
You’re way too old to remain irresponsible, you see?

Remember me,
for I no longer feel like talking to you.
You’ve never even listened to me too.
What are you going to do?

Remember me,
for I have my personal reasons to remain distant.
Complain all you like about me being cold, difficult, and cruel,
because avoiding you has been my only way to keep my cool.


(Jakarta, 25/8/2014 – 5:00 pm)

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