2moro I will finally get off the couch, get in the shower and go to work.I will put on a fake nice attitude and a fake smile to appease my boss, co workers and patients. What they dont kno is I am broken inside.I have cried on my couch for 3days.I am hurting and in pain and could commit suicide at any moment.I have ran into the bathroom even the chart room and have broken down, no one even noticed.I have told my heart keep it together only a few more hours.Few more hours until I can run back on my couch and debate death.I dont want to die, but its so hard to live.I hate my job which makes it worst.People never understand what someone else is going thru.Im hurting IM HURTING IM HURTING!!!!..So 2night will b bed or the suicide line n than 2moro work.

2 thoughts on “2moro”

  1. I’m here if you need someone to talk to I won’t judge u hun trust me I’m not someone who has the rite to judge anyone I know how you feel I’ve thought about suicide a lot even attempted it a few times don’t hesitate to message me hope u feel better

  2. Hang in there. The despair and solitude can be so suffocating. Living everyday. Feeling their eyes on you at all times, and none of them really seeing you. All of them looking to you for their needs to be fulfilled when you’re collapsing on the inside. No one sees…they are all there…right there…every damn day..but at the same time…none of them are there.
    You’re never alone. But if you are in a situation surrounded by people that make you FEEL alone…then it is time to break free. Run to a new direction. Burst out and fight. Get mad! Don’t cry…Let your heart burst open at the seams and MAKE them see you! Don’t spend another day wasting on your couch. rage against the dying of the light

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