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Hi its me Lea lol just want to clue everyone in on a bit about me I’m 36 years young I live in Tennessee I am currently living with my daughters daddy at his parents house these people have been so cruel to me over the years first there is joe my boyfriend of five years we have two kids together one who was taken by child services because of his parents the same people we live with anyway joe is supposed to love me but he asks me to be an escort ha ha yeah that’s love alright NOT then there is his mother a fat lazy mean lady who spends her time yelling at everyone and doing nothing but taking up space then there is Joe’s dad he is a cruel person who told me to burn in hell like my dead mother he is addicted to pain pills and liquor he spends his days compiling about every little thing and being a monster he bathes once a month then there’s Joe’s brother he is 18 and nearly 400 pounds he craps on his self steals food and all he ever talks about is food super hero movies and video games he bathes but does not use soap ever the only person in my life who cares about me is my daughter Emily she is 20 months she’s very beautiful she got her looks from me she’s very smart and my only reason for living

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  1. Wow so sorry that you have all that going on.No one should be that way or even act like that to other people.Please do not be afraid to come talk or to vent if you need too. Tina

  2. Sorry to hear that life as it is right now seems empty and painful, this is only a season. You will rise above it in time. We have tons in common, I’m just not ready to open up old wounds right now.

    I too, have kidney issues, stones, surgeries, etc. I know that pain on the daily.

    My son is not with me, he is my oldest, he is in prison, couple more years and maybe he will be home. My family has been very torn and dysfunctional most of my life.

    I do have a wonderful husband that took me away from the kind of life you are living right now, been there and walked the same walk out of necessity. That’s prolly the only way I kept my kids and provided, but it is no life- not judging, so understand that I was there too, just speaking from experience.

    I live and have lived one life on the front for others and lived another in private. It was my private shame, I live with flashbacks and guilt that is always on my heels….

    You are a beautiful woman and spirit…please be safe out there.

  3. Thank hun for your support I do the things I do for my daughter she isn’t old enough to understand yet and I’m glad I do take risks I risk catching a disease or being hurt or even killed I don’t stand on a corner or anything like that i do this from the privacy of my own home when she is gone I’m making pretty good money I’m trying to save it up gotta get a better place gotta move away from this man who is supposed to love me but wants me to sell my body because he won’t work its very hard to deal with I cry myself to sleep most nights

  4. Such a beautiful soul that u are… I knew from the moment I met u on fb… Felt the pain and sorrow u carry in ur heart. Ur strength is admirable! Ur daughter, like you is special 🙂 we need to get u outta there sweetie! U have a friend in me always…

  5. Its hard I mean I love joe and he says he loves me he tells me to just think of it as a job its not like I’m cheating on him he says he can’t work he says he is going to get disability take care of me and the baby plus u know I do all these readings for people I try to give them advice boy am I the wrong person to go to I mean I want to help people I’m told I should charge people for readings I could earn plenty of money quickly to take me and my daughter away from here but I just don’t think its rite to charge for readings help should be free shouldn’t it? Tooth still hurting like crazy its spreading pain to my ear my neck and my temple

  6. If your boyfriend really loved you he’d get off his ass and do anything and everything to help the family you guys have together. Men are traditionally supposed to be the providers but from what it sounds like, he ain’t bringing Jack squat to the table. If he really truly cares and loves you, he would NEVER even allow you to sell your body much less tell you to do it. Your taking so much of a risk being an escort and for him to push you into that, it’s pretty clear that he see’s you as a source of income rather than the woman he loves and would do anything for. Don’t sell yourself short and settle for less than you deserve (if your willing to be an escort to take care of your family, you deserve a hell of a lot more than what your couch potato boyfriend is giving you). If your staying with him for financial reasons, look into government housing, medical, and food assistance programs online. Being a single mother with low income will qualify you for a significant amount of financial assistance. I am enrolled in some of these programs myself.

  7. I’m sorry that you have a gift that helps other people but you can’t use it to help yourself. It seems as though the ones that care and help others the most, don’t get the same in return. It seriously makes me question if karma is real …I find myself repeatedly asking “why me, what have I done so wrong in life that I never seem to stop getting punished for!?”.

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