In A Funky Mood.

Good morning or afternoon depending where you are? I am in kind of a funky mood today. And worried also. Sorry really can not say why I’m worried but can say it has to do with family. Anyway Not sure if I said or not? but we have a room-mate living with us. Also is a friend of ours for a long time. I care about him but since I’ve been home he and rick have been ganging up on me and think it’s funny to tease me. And it really pisses me off that Rick will not or has stuck up for me and telling our friend he is going to far. I know I am not alone in this. I’ll tell you one thing of what happen. The other day I was making a sandwich and I knew there was a half a jar of Mayo in the frige. so I asked rick where did the mayo go? He said no idea it was in there. I was like WTF?! well our room-mate comes out and he had the mayo and I said can I have the mayo please? Well he went on for like 7 mins how its his mayo and he bought it and rick never buys mayo and we both told him we have brought mayo and he say no rick don’t. Then he let it go and went back to his room. a few hours later he comes out for dinner and starts in on me again. Saying princes Tina and dose princes Tina need to be waited on? Where is your crown? Are we your hired hand? I just ignored him and once again rick did not say a word too him. I was and still am pissed at him for that. Now its Sat and we went out too eat. great everything is fine nothing happen. I’m sitting there just eating my food and the room mate starts in again. And he said something that was really rude. but to be honest I do not remember what he said because I blocked it out. I did how ever said Fucking Really? and slammed my fork on the plate. I hear rick say what? What’s the matter? Is it your teeth? I answered No,No,No too all the questions. Room mate paid and we left. Went to Walmart and I said to rick what the hell is wrong with you? He says what do you mean? Why didn’t you stick up for me? I thought it was funny he says. I said I didn’t and I have feelings you two should remember that. Rick looked at me and did not really talk much after that.The room-mate is fine when rick’s not here. when all of us are here together they both act like I’m not here or gang up on me or I have no say or very little say here in my home. well that is my rant on this cloudy cool Hump Day. Till Next Time. Tina.

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  1. So why not tell the rude asshole to get out and find another roommate I know you said you have known him for a long time but sounds like he is taking things a bit too far and not taking your feelings into account hope things get better for you

  2. I would and I just had a talk with him. And I am gong to talk to Rick when he gets home about the room mates actions towrds me. Thank you for getting back to me. I hope rick backs me up and also talks with the room mate as well. thanks Lea. 🙂

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