Ok… This SUCKS

Hello t’s your favorite Debbie Downer again. I never meant for this diary to be so negative, however there are rarely any positive things that happen where I live so I am not sure what to do.

So I was in school, but not anymore thanks to so smart people at Qdoba who can’t seem to read availability and don’t seem to believe any word I say that I am in school to become a teacher. Well I work in a college town where the jocks and jokes come in to fill their faces… II don’t understand how a lot of the men are huge and muscular…  how come only college students look like real men and the rest of society like scrawny losers in america? Anyway, so I failed a class at school… failure was not an option so now I have to pay out of pocket to take the course again. It wasn’t that the course was tough it was the problem of not getting sleep. I would work until  11 pm  or 12 am at night, come home to do school work and be up until the break of dawn well into the morning where if I got any sleep, it was about 3 hours and then I was back to work. I was doing well for a while until I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am slow at work  due to headaches and lack of sleep and I can concentrate because of not eating properly. Coming back to america was NOT worth it!



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