truth from a medium

Just setting here thinking about something I think that all of the psychics on TV are bullshit you know the one’s where you have to call a 900 number well as for myself I can’t turn mine on and off just like that I can’t answer every question someone may have in fact I’m only rite about 80% of the time people like me can be treated so badly I for one have never charged anyone its wrong in my opinion I’ve had this gift since birth I think of it as a curse most of the time seeing and hearing people who are dead its not exactly a picnic it drains me mentally but I still have problems like everyone else I’m still an escort yes I sleep with men for money how wrong is that I hate myself most of the time I cry myself to sleep most nights I have no real friends besides my beautiful daughter well enough for now I guess

2 thoughts on “truth from a medium”

  1. I understand lea and I’ve had the gift since birth and hid it for a long time and heard from the dead. I agree it is a curse and no fun. And I do not know everything either. and i the past I’ve only told certain people. Now I am not a shame of it. I have helped a few people. But I do not like the ones who think they have all the answers for those who have lost love ones they really love and care about. Tina.

  2. Don’t hate yourself for doing what you need to do to support your family. Is being an escort the best and only way to make a buck? No, but hard times call for hard decisions to be made and carried out. Just keep an eye out for something where your uniform isn’t going to be your birthday suit and definitely check out those government financial assistance programs. Also, if you feel that charging people for readings is wrong, there’s nothing wrong with saying you accept donations. I’ve thought plenty of times about having a psychic reading and doing past life regression but they both cost an arm & a leg and the cost is the only thing preventing me from doing it. If someone said that they take donations for their services, I’d be the first person in line. I’m not a cheap skate but I can’t afford $70 and up.

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