yy did i have to see him

k so there is this gut tht i have been having my eye on since like last year but i was heart broken when i found out he had a girl friend (by the way im a dude) but befor tht i really feel for him like none other kinda werid caus eother people were just like eh but he was like damn i want him. and this year ive seen him a couple of time with his boo and i hate it cause over the summer i was suppose to forget about him i was unable to idk y but i coundnt. and when i first saw him i saw like omg he looks so good and we talked but after words we didnt see each other since a long time and i see him with his girlfriend and it hurt me alot but i was like u knew allready so dont fell to bad but i could not help it. and then today i saw him and he was by him self like alone without his girlfriend and i felt this werid feeling like the first thing i felt i when i saw him for the first time it such an etheral feeling and we talked and in tht talk i was in cloud nine and he smiled wht a smile he has i feel in love again but then i remembered he has a girlfriend and he was probley being nice. i just get hope and reality mixed up ( by the way i got tht from jay bells books which is a good author so check out his books) need to get pover him asap but i really want to see him tomarrow to so lets see wht happenes

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