Stand Strong, Stand Proud

Do I feel that I deserve more than I received from him? Yes.
Do I feel I deserved better than the treatment and games that he chose to play? Most definitely.
Am I going to spend my life trying to strip him of all he has or any chance of peace he may find? No, I’ve spent my life watching the road of pain and deceit and I don’t want that life for myself or my kids.
Am I a fool for just letting well enough alone and finding my own way? Maybe, but my children are happy and healthy and I am happy and healthy, what more is there really?

Life is all about making wrong turns until you finally make the right one. You live to learn and learn to live. There is absolutely no sense in dragging others through the mud or hindering their abilities to find peace. I will NOT break his wings to see myself soar. As I see it, we weren’t happy together, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t deserve to both be happy somewhere else. Why cripple anothers life to improve your own??

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