Black and Blue

You stand there staring

As though you might actually see what you’ve done

Yet there is no remorse in your eyes

And you strut around as though this is a game that you just won


She is black and blue

You are hot and cold

She cries in pain

Upon her face your fists have left their mold


As though you were born with no heart

You look her square in the face

With no apologies or comfort to offer

You leave her standing bleeding in place


Black and blue

The bruises have become your new standard

She uses what she can to cover the scars and the pain in her eyes

As you strut around with your usual careless banter


My father

My “hero”

A monster in his own reflection

Where a man should have stood was simply a zero


You washed your hands of the pain you caused

You acted as though life went on

As though you were King of the castle

Where nothing you said or did was ever wrong


Black and blue

Are the scars on my heart

You beat on my family

You tore us apart.

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