Alright, I know that I wasn’t really gone for good – but I’ve been away for quite a while lately. Lots of things to have been done then. Preparing for the site launch in the company. Learning how to do a web-designing. (Well, actually – it was more of a crash course.) My singing audition.

And finishing a 100-page novel. Finding a vacant apartment for Hazel Eyes before he finally returns here. (I still don’t know and he’s not exactly sure when yet, so this feels more like crawling in the dark or a wild-goose chase. Pick any.)

Of course, as usual – not every attempt is successful.

The site launch of the company? Check. The web-designing thing? Hmm, still in progress. (I’m guilty as charged.) I have to be able to do it, though, because it won’t be just for the company.

I want to have my own website too someday. It’s better late than never, but I’m still working on it.

The singing audition? I didn’t win. How typical. I guess I just wasn’t good enough for them. I was much too ordinary, not a diva type either.

Oh, well.

The 100-page novel? Done – and sent, at last. YAY! Niko would be proud, but I was mostly doing it for me. It’s about damn time that I did.

Hopefully I’ll get the contract.

Other than that, life around me still goes on. Kids at home are growing well. Poor Hazel Eyes is still working his way to get here again. Tony B. has been going back and forth between Jakarta and Bali. One week here, another there. So exhausting.

Time flies. The last time Tony B. and I met was two Saturdays ago. He bent down to kiss both my cheeks.

“Don’t stress too much,” I said. He smiled warmly.

“I’ll try not to.”

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ll be ready when he leaves permanently in December…


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