Every time you tell me goodbye I feel empty
I always question if it will be the last time I hear your voice
Will it be the last time you tell me you love me

Every day I wake up empty, my soul has been taken from me
You tell me you can’t talk to me because it hurts too bad
But either way for me it still hurts

I don’t know how much longer I can suffer with all the pain in I am in
I just want to be with you and I can’t have that
So why do I even continue on why do I even keep going

Every time I talk to you, you calm me but I just miss you
All the memories flood back every single day
I can’t make them stop and even if I try I don’t want to they were beautiful

You tell me not to compliment you, that it makes you feel bad
I don’t want to hold back how I feel for you ever
It might be the last time I say those words to you

I just want to be with you I’d give anything to make that happen
I’d give everything in my entire life all up just to make that happen
I’d do whatever it took if I was able to and I hope you know that

Every single night I wish it was you that I was falling asleep next to
Every single morning I wish it was you that I was waking up to
Every single second I just wish I was with you

You’re the only thing keeping me going
Yet you’re the only thing that makes me want to end it
Because this is more torture not being able to be with you

And if I end it I feel like I am being selfish
But this mental and physical torture has no end in sight
And I just want to let go

If I let go then you can let go too
You won’t have me around to call you when I’m scared and make you sad all over again
You will finally be able to heal

I wish I could go back and rewind time
Because I just want to be with you more than anything
I don’t want to be here anymore if I can’t be with you

I’m so empty.

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  1. This has a lot of meaning and power to it. It made me cry and I feel the exact same way. I hope it gets better for you.

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