Glue still in my hair!!

Hi everyone! Finally I’m back and out of the hospital. I swear the constant beeping and nurses talking so loud at the crack of dawn was going to drive me insane! But, I’m back after seven days of torture, but after all the showers I’ve taken the glue they used in my hair still won’t come out!

I don’t know how many people have ever had to go through the nightmares known as an EEG or EMU test. They suck! You have nurses scrub your head with Q tips till it hurts like no tomorrow, take plastic tab things with strong glue on them and stick them onto your head for hours or in my case days!

You can’t get up to use the bathroom on your own, you have to have needles in your skin at all times, you can’t sleep on your stomach and…do I really need to say more? It’s horrible, let’s leave it at that. At least I’m home and I don’t have to page someone every time I need to use the bathroom.

Signing off


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