Put Into Words

Some things just aren’t natural progressions, they have no real meaning, and are nearly impossible to put into words.

I can see where love is one of these things. It has so many different progressions and meanings. When asked to describe it or even what it means, love is truly indescribable and extremely difficult to put into words.

I currently can say with great comfort, pride, and strength that I have found that most indescribeable things known as love and I’m not going to let him go for anything. My lover is a man that I can never put into words, but he completes me and every blank page in my book of life. He is indescribeable and I cannot put my feelings for him under any ONE definition. He truly cannot be put into words.

Well look at that, I did it. I put him into words. He’s indescribeable and he completes me, all while he fills the blank pages of my life. He’s my hearts best story yet.

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