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Christmas Winter Done by Tina L Sunday, December 16, 2007 The snow falls fast then slow. The kids are all excited wondering when Santa will arrive? The stockings are put up on the mantle and a nice fire stirs in the fire place. The kids are soon to go to bed to dream of surgar plums and gifts that will soon be placed under the tree. Mom and Dad are down stairs doing last minute things before going to bed one of the kids hear something on the roof and run to tell her parents. Go back to bed Pipps. Nickname dad thought for her. Then they heard it too. Quick go to bed its SANTA!. They all ran to thire rooms mom&dad chuckled and came back out. It was really the tree that recently started to hit the side of the house. Mom went and got the cookies and milk and of course Santa ate them and drank all the milk. Morning came way too soon for them so instead of going to bed they stayed up. Mom got the bird going in the fire place for later and pealed the potatoes and carrotts and the green beans for the green bean casarole. And later dad and mom would make the pies as they did every year. There is a russle from up stairs then all the kids came running down the steps laughing and happy as they could be. Seeing all the gifts that santa brought. The kids sat for a minute and thought. Because the night before there was a huge snow storm and no one could come in and out of the town. Whats wrong kids? We were wondering how santa got through this winter storm? He flew in with his Sleigh remeber we talked about that?Yeah but dad the weather was so bad that no one could see a inch in front of thire faces. He has the raein deer that has the shiny red noise to help his get through such a winter christmas like we had. Your right dad. So with that they open the gifts and had breakfast but could not go to church due to the storm so they read thire bible at home and had dinner. So my hope for all of you my friends here in Open Diary land. That no one gets snowed in and can spend time with your family and friends. Till next time all. Marry Christmas Happy New Years and may God bless you in the up and coming years. HAPPY HOLIDAYS GANG!!!!!ShortyLock,.

Christmas Winter

Tea Cup Saturday, April 05, 2008 A tea cup is sometimes a fragile weak peace of dinning set some offten use daily. And with so much use we do not relize that fragleness. Life can be just that and we do not see it till its way to late. Like in a marriage or our children or our grandparents. They are all weak and most lean on us way to much in life because thats all they learned as life went on. So now we can not change the pattren of helpless and the fragleness they feel inside as well as you do for letting it go on and on day after day. Till one day we or they finnaly break into small little peaces. Who will be there to pick that up when all is said and done? You wont you’ve had enough and walked away.Maybe it will be your strong strapping husband? Maybe not he feels or felt like a failer and feels like he let you and the family down. Oh wait it could be your oldest? Maybe if the oldest ever came around and did not feel like such an outsider to everyone. You see my point? Life is such a mess and fragel that one little crack in the life you enjoyed can that tea cup into many small peaces. Till Next Time Take Care Of Yourselve And Eachother EveryDay.

Tea Cup

One Day a bat named Trix’s was flying along with a nice little wind blowing against her face. As she was going along she was making her usual rounds catching all the bugs she could get. Then she came across a really high and huge tree very beautiful full of life and very green.  There was some thing off about this tree so Trix went down lower to take a closer look at this tree. She began to go around and around the huge beautiful lushes tree and landed on one of the limbs. After doing so the limb slightly moved Trix jump off and almost fell when another bigger limb caught her on the way down. She looked around and saw what she thought where eyes she shook her head and thought she was seeing things and turned and looked again and blinked and one eye popped open and she flapped her wings and was about too take off when she heard in a light sweet voice. Wait please do not leave I will not hurt you Trix sat there and did not move. And in her own voice said you can talk? And see? How? I am one of God’s special gift to this world and I have been here for hundreds of years and no one even knew I was here till you came along. What’s your name asked Trix. Tree she answered back. I’m Trix the Bat nice to meet you Tree. Same here But my friends call me Bat. Cute Tree replied and both chuckled. Can you walk Tree? No my routes are held fast into the earths ground. Then how are you one of God’s special gifts? Well for one I made it this far with out being cut down and also because I can talk and see everything around me. Can you twist around? Just a little not too far but just enough tree said. Wow that is pretty special. What can you do Bat? I can fly and can see the smallest insect and I swoop down and eat them. And I can go any where I want.Anywhere? Yeah but I love it right here there is always something to see and lots of trees and now you my new friend. You are the sweetest Bat. Thank you Tree. So now that we are friends we can hang out everyday and talk right? Of course Bat I’d love that and I am very glad and blessed that you came my way. Your welcome I can not wait too hear all of your stories as you grew up. Sorry it took me so long to notice you. That is okay bat you are here now and that’s all that matters too me. Well I have to go for now but I will return later if you’d like? Yes I would like that very much. Bye for now my new friend. Bye Tree See you later.

Making New Friends Can Be Great Even Very Special Ones. Love Your Friends And Treasure Them Always.

Done By Tina L July 23,2012 At 10:43am

Tree And Bat……………….A Short Story……..Done July 23,2012

 Enjoy Tina



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