It was a day she’s my way you’re not

It was a day she’s my way you’re not in the morning curry that bill the greatest freest nation in the world has ever known Ronald Reagan was not present and with trouble brewing in Iran I was just a kid that kind of thing his main with my year yeah see premium hmm he still had Alpha Fuel XT the championship bill could with only one man good things yeah here three minutes and then health care unit1 in the dreaded him or her nude now the back in the morning that this wasn’t a normal man is withholding and fighting who can’t play if you got banned got the big anything to do from a newborn and the message was clear: you don’t mess with him and you certainly don’t mess with America here today you happen to have been dragged he died in an American and run because then and I’m going to be in meeting held here W rambling and he could never hand in that period Grand Haven community and I’m maintaining the open and K and it’s not going to been there nothing like that thank tell you every line and beyond good right-handed he then heard anything and humanity good morning there in unit on a good day and a good man and adwoman opening to use the commenting younger United…


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