She’s at the familiar crossroad again.
Should she just give up chasing pavements,
just to avoid the pain?
That Adele song* often reminds her of this merciless torment.

If only she could lie
and tell herself these feelings have died,
yet she’s still haunted by your steel blue eyes.
Why…oh, why?

Love is a stubborn being
that insists on staying.
Is this a battle she must fight to win?
Should she just give in?

It doesn’t matter that it’s really true;
she’s still just a kid to you,
despite already being 32.
This is something you just won’t do.

Has she got issues?
She knows what her mind has to choose,
but her heart is threatening to lose,
drowning herself in these blues.

Are you the one?
She can’t seem to block out your sun.
God, don’t let her sanity be gone.
Help her to believe it everytime she says:

“I’m done.
No more heartbreak, please,or away I shall run.
If you’re really not the one,
then God better let me move on!”


(Jakarta, 9/9/2014 – 11:45 pm – while listening to Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”*)

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