Just update On What’s Going On

Class number 2 is tomorrow. And I did the homework for the class. I say I because rick really did not help. He kept saying I don’t know. But to be fair it was the first class. So I am hoping he will help more after this class. They cover so much it is hard to remember everything the instructors went over. Right now I’m sitting here watching Restaurant Impossible not much else on really. I may add a few things I have written. And please remember my spelling is bad and the puncuations are not in the right place. I do try to put them in the right spot I did it a lot in school just never stuck with me. Anyway A friend of mine is looking to move down to KY I have been looking for places for her and her husband. Not sure if her kids will be moving here also. We are excited that they are thinking of moving here. Rick her and I all went to High School together up North. We all hope it works out so they can move here. On a sad note in 8 days Sept 18,2013-2014 Will be 1 year that my mom passed away. We all miss her and my dad very much and been very hard. I have feel her around me all the time dad also. I am pleased that they are around and helps knowing they are. I have added pics to the scrapbook I need to add them here so you all can see how much we have done on it 🙂 I did sleep lastnight and I do not feel like I slept. In case anyone was wondering? The room mate has been behaving and just more or less keeping too himself and not said much to me. Well I’ll go see what I may share as far as what I have written myself. Till Then Take Care Of Yourselves. Tina

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