My thoughts of the night 1

So this is my first entry and I’m not very good at writing but I need to get things off my mind. My mother just recently passed away in May ,still heartbroken, I have alway had heartbroken relationships but I had started talking to a man named Sam and at first I was hesitant but then I fell head over heals for him. And then the talking started becoming less and then less I started becoming confused and upset Eand he would  say when I ask I didn’t say that did I? chill. He recently broke up with me because my friend and I caught him in a lie and he called me  psycho.. Now I was diagnosed with depression and PTSD with my moms passing but when  with someone I give 110% but not someone who is psycho. I want him back I’ve never felt this way about someone ever before and I dot know what to do

One thought on “My thoughts of the night 1”

  1. Good gravy, your situation is the story of my life. 1st: he called you a psycho because he knows he got caught and he doesn’t want to put his pride in jeopardy by admitting to it so he says some dumb ass thing like “your psycho” to place the blame on you and make the break up seem like your fault. Seriously, dudes do this ALL THE TIME. You say you give 110%…….this is another reason he calls you psycho. When your dedicated and you give a relationship all you got and you go the extra mile for that person but they aren’t doing the same, they’ll call you a psycho because your dedication makes you look like your obsessed with them even though thats not the case. There’s a huge difference between being obsessed and being in a relationship for the long haul and doing everything you can to make things work. If he’s calling you a psycho and not putting any effort into working things out with you, stop hanging on to him and go after somebody that’s actually worth your time. After you find someone else who is worthy of your dedication and love by treating you right, you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time and energy on your ex. Trust me, i know this ordeal like the back of my hand because i’ve dealt the same exact problem like a billion times. Don’t waste your time with jackasses……they never change.

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