9/11/14- Had a good night

Last night was a better night. I started my period yesterday morning when I woke up and I think that has helped tremendously. I got home from work early, took a small nap after I got the boys settled and waited for Brian to get off of work to start dinner. I made dinner, we ate, watched TV, I put the kids to bed, we both cleaned up the dishes (he did most of them) and then we took our shower and headed to bed. I fell asleep pretty quickly after I took my tylenol PM yet I still woke up very tired. Almost fell asleep driving to work and have almost fallen asleep a few times at my desk. Hoping this day goes by quickly and I can get some good sleep tonight (as if that is going to change anything). I’m just so tired of being tired.  I spend the majority of my life looking forward to going to bed during these weeks and it keeps me from enjoying much else. Can’t wait for this round to be over- should be within a day or two. 🙂

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