Well lets see. hmmmm…how many days has it been now? 9? Well I gotta say, Coffee and tea have become my new anti drugs. My cravings have finally taken a hike, but I have noticed that my legs have been really restless these past two days. That could be from the increase in caffeine lately, but I use to also experience it if I was really craving a drink. I can deal with it though. I have also noticed that my rings seem to be fitting a little bit loser. They don’t feel as snug. Not by much mind you but the slightest little bit. I have a lot more energy and desire to do things. I think I have noticed my face looking a little less fluffy, and my sides feel a little less bloated when I rest my hands on them, but all of this could be wishful thinking….well i did just check my rings again…no they are definitely looser lol. I have noticed that I am sleeping SO much better. I use to wake up every night multiple times a night, mainly to pee or something, but I haven’t done that in a while. 🙂 I find myself calmer, less anxious, less quick to anger, and more capable of thinking. I wish more than anything that after 9 days I could say I was 50 pounds lighter and 100,000 dollars richer but…it took me about 8 years to get this way so I expect it will take about 8 years to ever repair myself, if it’s even a possibility at this point.
I also noticed the first few days my face broke out really bad, but that has all cleared up now. I also noticed that I am sweating a WHOLE lot less. (yea I know that may be too much TMI) but it’s true. For years I started developing an issue where I would overheat quickly and the slightest amount of exertion would have me just ROLLING sweat. I notice that is starting to get a heck of a lot better.

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