my first ghost

When I was five years old me and my mom and my younger sister were staying with my granny and papaw I stated waking up at night seeing a man at the end of the bed we were sleeping in was an old bed it was huge all three of us fit in it comfortably anyway when I would see this man I would always hear the sound of rushing water he would ask about my mom and my aunt and he would encourage me I loved it he looked just like Andy Griffith my mother thought I just had an imaginary friend then one day I was helping my mom make the bed when a pillow dropped to the floor I bent down to pick it up and rite there under the bed was a picture of him in a big oval frame I told my mom that’s the man who visits me at night when I told her I always heard rushing water when he was around she sat down and began to cry I didn’t understand what was wrong with her she told me that was my uncle Billy her brother he drowned in a lake before I was born so I never got to meet him from that moment on my mom was always encouraging me to have no fear and pursue my gift she is in heaven now and I thank her all the time for loving me and standing by me through the years when simple minded unbelieving people thought I had lost my marbles this journal entry is dedicated to her and my uncle billy

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