My tooth infection has spread I now have an ear infection my previous journal entries concerning my current situation with having to sell myself to care for my daughter ¬†felt good to let it out but now I have a huge problem I may be pregnant now don’t jump to conclusions I do require my johns to use a condom so if I’m pregnant it belongs to my man the one who says he loves me but wants me to sell my ass now what I’m so upset I just know I’m preganat my boobs hurt I’m pissing constantly my face is breaking out and I’m so tired I’m going to go ahead and set up a doc appointment I’ll keep everyone updated the other night I told Joe I wanted to quit selling myself he said if I did that my daughter would starve and be pissing every where because there would be no money for food well I spoke with my dad on the 26th of this month he is supposed to give me 1000 dollars I’m using that money to get me my kid a place I’m going to find a real job wish me luck something has to change condoms do break so far that has not happened I’m risking disease and the worst thing happened the other day I had a client who hurt me he put his entire fist up in me he bit me in several places he even choked me a bit he had the nerve to ask me the next day if he could see me again but I’m rambling on and on like I said I’ll keep everyone updated p

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  1. Wow. He really knows how to show he loves you doesn’t he. That insensitive,thoughtless, selfish d-bag needs a swift kick to his balls. Seriously, what is it about him that you love so much that your willing to take all his crap for?

  2. Don’t let those animals abuse you, that’s not sex, that’s sadistic torture. Hope you get the money so you can get away from Joe, he’s not good for you…praying for you and your daughter. Please be careful, you don’t need those kinds of clients

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