Why do some people hates others at first sight?

I dont understand why i encounter people who hates me or other people for no apparent reason. Even others didnt do anything wrong to them, they just simply hate them and they dont even know who are they as a person to be judged in a certain way. I just wanted a clear brief explanation to this. 

2 thoughts on “Why do some people hates others at first sight?”

  1. Simply because they see in the person what they hated about themselves. People are almost most of the time judgemental but that doesnt matter if you know what and who you really are.. Have a great Sunday! 🙂

  2. Pinklipstick2000 is right. Many people instantly dislike others for what first appears to be for no reason because they see in that person what they wish they could see in themselves. Some chunky people hate thin people because they wish the were thin themselves and feel it’s not fair that someone else is thin and they’re not. People with outgoing personalities are often looked down upon by shy quiet people because the shy one wishes that they had the social life like the outgoing person has. For others it simply comes down to stereotyping whether they realize they’re stereotyping or not. I once worked with this girl whom as soon as I saw her I thought to myself “this chick is gonna turn out to be a huge bitch” because she was absolutely gorgeous, perky, had a significant social life, and she seemed to be quite smart. I was dead wrong about her being a bitch. She turned out to be one of the nicest people I had ever met and after we got talking, we actually had a lot in common. One day she said “give me your number, I can talk to you about stuff that nobody else understands.” I myself have had people tell me that initially they thought I was a stuck up bitch because I’m so quite at first around new people. And like pinklipstick2000 said, just make sure you know what and who you really are….that will eventually shine through and others will learn that they were completely wrong about how they initially perceived you. As for the others that refuse to accept that they misread you, well, it’s like the saying goes….”you can’t fix stupid.”

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