Getting in the grove.

Unfortunately, I skipped writing about my last class on Thursday because, to be honest, Thursday was a roller coaster for me. Plenty of ups and downs, adjusting to life on and off campus, and pushing my limits both vocally and emotionally. However, Movement is always a safe haven for me, and I believe the other students in the class as well. No matter what baggage you come in to class with, you leave with a majority of that weight lifted off your shoulders, which is more than anyone can ask for when they are in “class”. Our last class allowed us to feel in different ways. How you felt when you took in a new space, how you felt when you noticed others occupying that space, and how you felt when you brought all of your senses together to be aware of life in front of you, as well as all around you. Today’s class we focused on those same feelings in relation to how we worked with those other people, or “shapes” in the space. By using our body language and surroundings, we were able to join up with other students to make different shapes without communicating, which I found as a very strong indicator of the connections we make on stage and in our daily lives. We also studied our bodies in the individual ways it has to move to perform everyday tasks, such as bending over, turning around, and leaning to the sides. This definitely helped in giving us an in depth look at what our bodies are capable of every day; small movements that together make something we take for granted. I have definitely begun to think about my body in different ways, and taking note of what it takes to keep our bodies moving the way we require them to every day. My body is also reacting to what is now required of me now that the semester is rolling. There are many days that we are all busier than we imagined. Days were we have class from 12 until nearly 7 o’clock with no more than a 20 minute break in between to eat can run on a lot of our nerves, and leave us feeling powerless. But there are also times when we leave classes such as movement and acting that we leave with a empowered feeling and more energy than we did before. But we still wish we had food. I have definitely gotten into the rhythm of what the semester is going to be like and what it’s going to mean for me as a student and as a performer, and what is expected of all of us. I hope to keep progressing, and to make everyone, most importantly myself, proud.

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” -Douglas Adams

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