My Sunday..

To begin with.. I slept my entire Saturday through and woke up at 4AM the following day. I had coffee and two slices of wheat bread. I arranged my stuff and neatly folded my clothes inside my luggage – oh by the way I dont have a cupboard for my clothes, I stock them all up inside my luggage :).

I decided to hear mass at 12noon instead of my usual 10am, because of the heavy rain. Shorltly, before I left, I get to speak to Ate Bebe – the house help of my landlady.

Let me tell you a little bit about Ate Bebe – just a little because that’s just how little I know about her. She is 60 yo, married and has 7 children. All 6 of her children are already married and her youngest daughter is 15 yo. When we spoke, she complained her sore body. She said that she has a lot of things to do inside the house and she doesnt know what to do first. I pitied listening to her. I told her to rest for awhile, while nobody is around and eat, but she said she cant because she needed to finish eveything before ‘my landlady’ arrive or else she’ll be scolded.

While on my way out, my conversation with Ate Bebe dawned on me. One, she is old and weak yet she strives to work hard to help her family. She doesnt have any days off from work and starts her day at 5AM everyday. Two, she is old and weak. At her age she should have been enjoying the prime years of her life while she still has that little energy.

I dont want to judge but as I hear the mass, I want to thank the Lord that my parents are now able to enjoy the prime years of their life. While, I pray for Ate Bebe that she’ll be able to do so too – the soonest. I thank the Lord that I have work, the work the I enjoy and love to do. Lastly, talking to Ate Bebe made me realized how much love a person can have and what can he/she can do with it. It is so powerful that it knows no age and distance.

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