Entry #1 – One year

One year ago, on this date, early at 4 in the morning, I got a positive on the Home pregnancy test.

A little bit expected, but shocked nonetheless.

I woke up the husband and shared the news, who in turn hugged me and went back to sleep. I clicked the stick as a memory ( which I later deleted after few hours) and went back to sleep, well..tried to. I could not contain my shock and excitement.

The day dawned bright and I shared the news with my MIL. I actually showed her the stick. She told me to keep the news to myself for at least a couple of days. That day, we were supposed to attend the birthday party of one of husband’s nieces. We told no one about it and enjoyed the day – first a club house visit, then a very late lunch and at last a visit to the game centre in the city mall.

It was a Sunday, so I did not speak to mother on phone. We usually called each other on all weekdays, except weekends.

Today marks one year of that momentous day when I came to know I was pregnant.

My little girl is now 2 days shy of completing 4 months.

She had her final shot of pentavalent vaccinations today. Poor thing, she cried terribly for the first four hours. It was heart rending to see her cry so pitifully, in pain. After she had the paracetamol dose, all was well. She slept peacefully and the rest of the day passed as usual.

After a very long time, I swabbed the house. Because of exercising, I could not feel the muscle strain. Guess if I keep it up, it would help me in losing fat!

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